Services Offered by the Love Pirate
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The Love Pirate is one of the most beloved and despised entities in the universe. All but the most heartless sentient beings cannot seem to live with or without our services. In your world, we have been portrayed as Cupid and even the Thief of Hearts (member in good standing, Thieves). Our product is the holy grail for some individuals, and it is the bane of existence (and Neuroses) for others. Some individuals believe in us, while others do not acknowledge our existence, even when we are staring them in the face.

The mystery of love may never be solved, if we do our job properly. . .

Important Notice: Due to certain legal reasons in the past eon, we were forced to begin issuing love on an arbitrary basis, so please don't take it all too personally.
  • Bestowing Love
  • Maintaining Love
  • Repossessing Love
  • Randomizers
  • Breaking and Mending Hearts
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